I provide caring, culturally-competent therapy to people of all backgrounds, faiths, orientations, identities, and relationships, regardless of legal status.

• Adults - individual therapy for various issues including life transitions, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance abuse, and issues related to justice system involvement

• Couples - therapy to address relationship issues, stressful family dynamics, psychological trauma and other issues affecting marriage and committed relationships

• Children & Adolescents - therapy to help kids and teens address emotional and behavioral issues, family stress, abuse, suicidal ideation and behaviors, social and interpersonal disorders, divorce, grief and loss

What Can I Do For You?
It's not unusual for LGBTQI+ people to have difficulty finding a supportive therapist, and it can be even more challenging to find a therapist with the training and experience to address the unique aspects of relationships, family issues, and the challenges of navigating daily life in a world that often does not respect the dignity of others.

I am experienced in helping my clients address these issues, and I provide safe, non-judgmental, caring therapy to clients regardless of identity and relationship status.

I specialize in gender identity issues for adults, adolescents and children. I have had extensive WPATH-approved training in current issues and best practices for treating Gender Dysphoria in clients at all stages of discovery and growth, and I have experience working with trans teens and young adults. I have been trained in play therapy, and I work with transgender kids of all ages.
LGBTQI+ Issues
Training & Workshops
I am available to provide a variety of consulting and training services to your practice, agency, or organization. I have conducted training seminars for many organizations throughout Texas, and I am available as a public speaker for your event. Some topics I have presented include:

• Suicide Awareness and Prevention
• Military Cultural Competency Training
• Workplace diversity and inclusivity training
• Mental Health Issues in Transgender Care
• Consultation for Legal Professionals on Current Issues in Gender Identity
• Consultation for Medical Professionals on Best Practices in Transgender Care
Group Therapy
Group therapy can provide a unique setting for clients to find support and healing with long-term gains. I offer several types of group therapy, including -

• Anger Management
• Seeking Safety (PTSD and Substance Abuse)
• Women-focused support groups
• Group therapy for veterans dealing with readjustment issues
• Process groups for justice-involved veterans
• Therapy groups for military couples dealing with PTSD

Veterans Services
I offer evidence-based, military-informed therapy for Veterans, Service Members and Military Families.

• Therapy to address readjustment issues stemming from post-service reintegration to civilian life

• Trauma-Informed therapy to treat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

• Couples therapy to address the unique relationship stresses of military life, such as family separation and post-deployment reintegration and readjustment, or combat trauma